Recruitment In A Modern World

Recruitment is a tough game, trust me I know. I spent twenty five years recruiting IT staff to the Investment Banks in the City of London. One of the most demanding markets in the world.

It’s interesting though that the outside world’s view of recruitment is very different to the reality. Programs on the television protray recruitment as being glamourous and an endless round of lunches and drinking sessions. Yes, that may happen once a client base has been built. However for the aspiting recruiter getting to that stage involves a long hard slog of telephone calls and rejection.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The rise of Recruitment Process Outsource deals (where specialist companies, also recruiters, manage the clients external recruitment) means opportunities, particularly in the bigger clients, are severely restricted. The sales cycles are much longer and places on the coveted “preferred supplier lists” come at a premium.

It has been suggested these deals are counter-productive and I do have a certain sympathy with that view. Why is it desirable to have a recruitment company managing other recruitment agencies? Allegations include the RPO companies “stealing” other agencies candidates and deliberately suppressing suppliers margins to push competitiors out of business.

The Cleint’s View

From the client’s perspective you can understand the cost saving aspect, but the lack of competition does raise serious questions to my mind. Indeed, it was what prompted me to leave the business fifteen years ago after I was denied a perfectly good deal by an RPO company.

I also think it negates specialisms in certain niches which again was where I excelled specialising in electronic trading systems vacancies.

However, the market remains robust and the people who tend not to make as true sales recruiters end up in the RPO companies or working for the big blue chip agencies that supply in to these Guys, that way they don’t really have to “sell” per se.

Starting Out As A Recruiter

But for the recruiter working to build his client protfolio, when he or she forst starts out it is a hard slog. It really is survival of the fittest.

You will be given a potential client base, normally all cold clients and you have to start calling decision makers to try and find vacancies to fill. That might sound easier but it’s hard work.

Preferred supplier lists and personal preferences of clients make it difficult to break into a “cold client”.

How The Best Recruitment Consultants Work

The skillful recruiter will of course find a valid business reason for calling a potential client. He will do his research, find out what the potential client normally recruiters and make an offer that may interest the client. She will, perhaps, have a candidate of rare skills lined up that she can present to the client. In a skills short marketplace this will often work wonders at breaking open a new client.

Again, there are certain skills that are useful to the aspiring recruitment consultant and the video above gives an overview of these requirements.

Anyway, please feel free to surf this site for insights into recruitment consultancy generally and specific markets, like IT and Digital Marketing, in particular. I hope you find it useful.