Building a Career in the Pre-Sales Arena

Being a software sales person in the past, when long-established software was dependent on unix and mainframe boxes as opposed to cloud based options available today, required a very different skill set to that which we now need in 2017.

New Skills For 2017

Prospects these days, conversely, are mostly anticipated to be aware of the most recent customer management tactics, and people with knowledge of the up-to-date trends tend to be thin on the ground, meaning that organisations attempting to recruit talent for their customer management methods, ventures may possibly have challenges searching for the right skills and people. It’s rtough out there as sales skill sets are yet to entrench.

Finding The Right People

To seek and locate personnel having the right skill for a web sales vacancy, first you need to understand the market and how the latest on-line marketing disciplines all come together in their entirety.

Searching for qualified new hires for companies who want to broaden their web-based marketing department or replace personnel who have gone is not, though, an overwhelming job for expert pre-sales and sales to technology recruitment group Harvey Thomas.

Begun seven years ago, Harvey Thomas was one of the original agencies to hire for internet pre-sales, into Cloud, which at that time were innovative new technological advances since the sales development possibilities of the emerging technology was unfolding.

New Markets

The hazard in hiring for an undecided marketplace has paid off all these years afterward, mainly because the organization is now the 1st and only stopping point for technological businesses of all types when they need to employ pros with Technical Engineering Customer Success expertise.

Companies needing to generate prospects in this area realise from practical experience that the consultants at Harvey Thomas can help them locate superior applicants promptly, as the provider has been recruiting for a good number of these people efficiently for in excess of a decade.

“As well as owning a large file of probable accomplished job candidates that we have constructed over the years, a good number of our hiring consultants have been working in the e-commerce or online marketing section, so have a thorough idea of the abilities that a likely recruit must have, and also where to find the best people,” says Harvey Thomas co founder Jon Eyers, who built the company from scratch with the business associate Tom Sturgess, remarks, “We keep a log of all Cloud, Customer Success job applicants we’ve provided in the past and stay in touch with them frequently, so we know if they’re ready to change jobs and then we can match them with suitable clients’ specifications”.

“Since we’ve been going on for that long, we have some of the most famous cloud, saas and paas corporations on our client book.

Start Ups And New Tech

But we also have new high technology startups who have come across our level of popularity and requested for us to assist them to employ people.

We know the industry extremely well and are acquainted with what precisely a specific role depends on.”

“Furthermore we get to chat with the candidate before nominating them for a position,” Jon carries on.

“We want to understand what type of job could appeal to the job hunters and how it could complement their future career projects.

Companies provide very different everyday working environments and we would like to discover the suitable backdrop to be sure the applicant will almost certainly be completely happy there, particularly in software sales recruitment“.

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